• Amedia
  •   Turkije
  • Handgehamerde bekkens uit Istanbul – Turkije
  • Zeer muzikale bekkens met een uitstekende prijs- en kwaliteitsverhouding
  • A-merk waar inmiddels al heel veel drummers wereldwijd naar volle tevredenheid mee spelen
  • The spirit of Amedia – The sound of the future
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Amedia bekkens – The sound of the future
Amedia is een in 2005 opgericht familiebedrijf uit Turkije met als specialisatie het produceren van handgehamerde bekkens.

Amedia Ahmet Legend

Ahmet Legend

Named for master cymbalsmith Ahmet Baykusak, the Ahmet line is Amedia’s flagship. Utmost care and exquisite craftsmanship characterize the Ahmets, preferred by jazz and funk players.

Extensive hammering and some of the most beautiful lathing in the business by master latheman Hamdusana Baykusak make for cymbals that are dark, warm and full-bodied.

Generally thin or medium thin in weight, the Ahmets work well in both big band and small group settings.

Amedia AMD China

AMD China’s

Thin very fast China perforated with 2” holes delivering raw, dark and complex sound.

Amedia Antique


Antique is only a description of how this line looks, not the way it sounds. Modern rock, funk and fusion styles beg for some of the heavy, tight timbres the Antiques put out.

Two extra steps in the creative process give the Antiques their unique sound and look. After an initial hammering and sharp lathing, they are heavily supplemental-hammered by master hammersmiths Shaban and Ahmet Baykusak.

Then for their defining sound and finish, the Antiques are finally given one more pass through the wood-fired furnace.

The rides are low-pitched with a dry tight wash, the crashes earthy and explosive. Hi-hat pairs are heavy with an aggressive open wash and powerful chick.

Amedia Ararat


A virtual mountain of sonic possibilities. Ararat series cymbals are heavily hammered, their bottom surfaces left unlathed.

Ararats feature a unique lathing pattern on the top surface with a skip-lathed bell and bow, and standard lathing on the edge. Dry and controlled, or wet and splashy; express yourself.

Amedia Arzat


Arzat is a cymbal of a different color. Amedia’s secret electroplating process darkens both the visual and aural dimensions of this line.

Rides are loud with good stick definition and controlled overtones. Crashes feature a solid attack and short envelope; the hi-hats make for a great studio pair without having to use extra dampening.

Amedia Classic


The Classic line embodies the classic, late-period Turkish cymbal sound.

Available in many styles, virtually all sizes, and weights from paper thin to rock, Classics have certain characteristics in common: extensive, smooth master-hammering; ultra-fine lathing on the bell; and multi-pass lathing on the bow.

Classic rides, for example, come in many styles including ping, rock, custom dry, jazz, mini cup, crash-ride and sizzle, but all share a unifying look.

Classics are versatile cymbals; responsive with shimmering, musical overtones. A variety of timbres reside in each Classic cymbal, waiting for your touch to bring them to life.

Amedia Dervish


Trance inducing, hypnotic sounds are available with the Dervish series. Feel your spirit become one with the divine as you play these cymbals. Unlathed heavily hammered, Dervish cymbals are strong, dry and earthy like a summer night in Anatolia.

Amedia Eremya


Named for cymbal patriarch Eremya Arzat, the Eremya series is made of a secret alloy. Some say that music is the elixir of life.

In the tradition of the ancient alchemists, the cymbal smiths at Amedia transform base and precious metals into musical instruments with a silvery sheen and magic musicality.

Amedia Euphrates


Intriguing sounds inspired by the beautiful river valleys and arid hills of the Baykusak Brothers’ home country in Eastern Turkey.

The Euphrates series features an unlathed and patinated bow, lathed and polished edges, and an un-hammered bell for a strong fundamental tone.The cymbals open and close quickly, with a dry timbre and strong stick definition.

Amedia Fusion


Thin washy cymbal with a good wobble. The cymbal maintains great crashing with an articulate sticking. A dual hammering exists.

One is traditional resembling our classic series along with a unique light hammering giving it very complex timbres.

Amedia FX Concept

FX Concept

Thin Very fast Crash in our Effects Category perforated with 2” holes delivering raw, dark and complex sound.

Amedia Galata


Like the feeling you get surveying all of Istanbul from the top of the Galata tower, versatility is at your command when you play the Galata series. A partially lathed top offers you distinctly different playing surfaces and timbres.

The unlathed strip at mid-bow feels stiff and sounds dry while the lathed edge and inner-bow have a softer feel and washier sound. The hammered, unlathed bell is loud and strong, with complex overtones.

Amedia Hitites


Take the edge off. A soft acid wash smoothes out the tone grooves and overtones of cymbals in the Hitites series. Small bell size and a special golden alloy further mellows the sound.

Amedia Kommagene


Kommagene takes this name from an ancient civilization in Turkey.

With its different colors and sound, it is preferred by jazz drummers like Ahmet Legend. This ancient image of this cymbal was invented by Ahmet Baykusak.

Un-hammered bell, light lathed and with magical appearance, most probably it will have the ear of many drummers.

Amedia Kommagene SB

Kommagene SB

The new Kommagene SB takes a bold step in cymbal design. Completely hand hammered, then sand blasted to deliver the beautiful light wash and stick definition of thinner cymbals. The Kommagene SB provides a prominent, clear bell typical of rock cymbals and excellent crash and crash-ride capabilities. The finishing processes achieve a vintage look while adding to the warmth and beautiful tones of cymbals of days gone by. The Kommagene SB has modern cymbal capabilities while giving you that sought after vintage sound. It might well be regarded as the new definition of the ”K”

Amedia Numan


New sounds for new styles. The Numan series’ lathed top allows the cymbals to open up and softens the stick attack. Their unlathed bottom surface dries out the sound and tightens it up for recording. Funky and jazzy.

Amedia Old School

Old School

This serie has hammered bell, milled surface and unlathed sides. And by ageing method, it is favored in jazz and funk drummers.

Amedia Old School EFX

Old School EFX

Are thinned Old School to create an extreme wobble.

The bell is large and polished and cuts right through.

The cymbal has excellent crashing and could be a one cymbal setup Dark Complex wash.

Amedia Raw Rock

Raw Rock

Dry & heavy – The dark side of the series.

Featuring supplemental hand-hammering created with customized hammers, Raw Rock series cymbals are unlathed and patinated for maximum effect.

Amedia Taurus


Companion series to the Ararat, the Taurus series also features heavily hammered, unlathed bottom surfaces, and a unique lathing pattern on top. In contrast to the Ararat, Taurus cymbals have standard lathing on the bell and bow, and skip-lathing on the edge.

Amedia Thrace


Rockers and pop stars love the Thrace series. Polished to high sheen and sporting a big un-hammered bell, the Thrace series cuts through the onstage sound with shimmery high harmonics.

Amedia Tigris


Exotic sister series to the Euphrates. Lathed and polished bow, unlathed and patinated edge. The edge has a stiff feel and the un-hammered bell clear produces a strong fundamental.

Amedia Vigor Rock

Vigor Rock

Vigor Rock Series are not your old-fashioned handmade Turkish cymbal. These bad boys will stand up to a Marshall stack or SVT and come out on top.

You can tell the Vigors are different just by looking at their raw bell and shiny bow.

With their heavily hammered but unlathed bells and tightly lathed bows, the Vigors cut but they don’t bore. Their complex timbres will hold your interest long after you would have sold your major-brand rockers for a loss on e-bay…
The rides are strong with a great bounce and clear bell; the crashes pack a punch and hold lots of potential sound energy. Hi-hats are loud with a tight stick response.

Amedia Vintage


Amedia’s Vintage line has the mysterious old-time mojo that hardcore cymbal junkies scour the world to find.

Amedia’s link with the mysterious roots of Turkish cymbalmaking is master cymbalsmith Eremya Arzat. Witness to all the secrets of the old-time cymbal-makers, his memories of the halcyon days and how cymbals were made in the old Agahaman, Istanbul factory are forged into every Amedia Vintage cymbal.

Lathed paper thin by Hamdusana Baykusak, the Vintage cymbals open quickly when crashed then get right out of the way, while still providing clear stick definition for your intricate ride patterns. The rides’ breathy wash is the perfect comp behind piano and reeds, while the hihats provide a satisfying, low-pitched chick.

The Vintage vibe is enhanced by lack of printed logos on the cymbals. Look for the Amedia cold-stamp to ensure you are buying an authentic Amedia Vintage.

Amedia Vortex


The Vortex is revoltionary in cymbal lathing. the Amedia Masters have created one of the most unique cymbals available today. A very fine lathing and heavy hammering starts the process and then a proprietary finish lathing gets applied which delivers a cymbal that is dark, warm and full bodied. Generally medium thin to thin in construction the Vortex is perfect for Jazz but it doesnt stop there. Fusion and light rock genres are looking for cymbals that are dark and offer a versatility in crashing. The Vortex delivers in multiple settings.